Projector Power Bank


The portable projector can be charged with a power bank via USB-C that supports power delivery.

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  • The power bank needs to support PD (power delivery) 15V, 3A, 45W and is recommended to have a capacity of 30,000mah.
  • Use a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect the projector and power bank.
  • The projector doesn’t support a car charger.
  • You can play video and recharge the projector simultaneously with a power bank. We highly recommend using “Eco Mode” or “Low Power Mode” when charging because you can recharge quickly; otherwise “Standard Mode” takes more time. A soft reminder, while using “Eco Mode” or “Low Power Mode”, the projector will automatically lower its brightness by 30-50% (compared to “Standard Mode”).

Power Bank 20,000mah, Power Bank 30,000mah


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Projector Power Bank
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