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At, we are passionate about creating extraordinary visual experiences that transcend the ordinary. In projection technology, we provide our customers with the best projectors and display solutions that redefine home entertainment, business presentations, and educational experiences.

Projectors Main Parts

A projector is a sophisticated piece of audiovisual equipment designed to project images, videos, or presentations onto a screen or other flat surfaces.


Light Source

Traditionally, projectors used lamps as their light source, but modern projectors increasingly use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) or Laser Diodes.



The lens is responsible for focusing the light from the source onto the screen. It plays a crucial role in determining the image's size and sharpness.


Cooling System

To prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance, projectors are equipped with cooling systems, which may include fans or liquid cooling.


Connectivity Ports

Projectors connect computers, laptops, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and more. Common ports include HDMI, VGA, USB, and audio jacks.

These small details and features can significantly enhance the user experience and overall functionality of a projector. When choosing a projector, it’s essential to consider these elements along with the projector’s specifications and intended use.

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Barang sampai. Before that your courier agent tak kenal barang ... mula dia deliver barang salah. Kemudian after 45 minit dia called & realised kesilapan hantar barang.
Performance: high resolusi Everything is perfect. Customer servis ✅ Shipping ✅ Price ✅ Wish can use it for long period 🙏
Video xde kaitan.. Penghantaran sgt pntas order selasa.. Ptg rabu dh smpai.. Di bgkus elok.. Terbaikkkkkk.. Thanks seller
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